For Non Profits

For Non Profits

Your trusted IT partner for Nonprofits

Take advantage of our inhouse IT specialists and technology to ensure your team can deliver on what’s really important in your organisation.

Free up more time for your cause and less time on IT requirements.

We know that the most important factor for your team is having the time to focus on your cause and not have to worry about IT management.  It can be difficult to find an IT partner who understands your needs and has the ability to provide scalable solutions that are cost effective.  iBKinetix are ideally suited to support your requirements our platform gives you access to unrivalled information and management capabilities.  Our team of dedicated specialists have the skills to complement your team and let you get back to your focus.

Transfer your daily support requirements

Daily support requests can be a real drain on your individual/team resources.  Providing a fast and positive request to team members can have significant impact on improving productivity.  iBKinetix can ensure that everyone has the time to focus on their core roles.  With direct access to IT specialists that integrate into your existing workflow processes your team can be assured of a efficient and professional experience.

Chat @iBKinetix:

Your team can chat @iBKinetix for:

  • Every day troubleshooting
  • System Admin requests
  • Standard requests files access, apps, and hardware

Improve your IT processes

Do you find yourself using spreadsheets to manage and record information?  Would you like the support to improve your systems and processes through standardisation. iBKinetix can help you to review and implement change in areas such as security, compliance and device management. Don’t wait to be the next headline ensure your organisation has the correct protection measures in place by working with our inhouse security experts.

  • Ordering devices for your including accessories
  • Delivery of devices to local, remote and WFH employees
  • Managing requests for devices that come from your team
  • Requests for new starters and leavers
  • Provisioning or de-provisioning devices whilst applying your company standards
  • Technical advice on server Selection, installation, and usage
  • Setup and configuration of an MDM solution for your devices
  • Standardised provisioning of applications and credential management
  • Implementation or 2FA or MFA, device-level security, & network standards
Experts when you need them

iBKinetix can become part of your team.  Our service team, data analysts and software developers can help you to transform your operations.  We can work alongside your existing team to provide the extra support to help you scale as you grow.  You can also gain advice and guidance on establishing IT policies or purchasing industry specific requirements.

Transparency and Value

Our model differs to traditional IT managed service providers as our services are provided for one flat rate subscription. This encompasses all our IT service management delivery in one easy and transparent solution.  No hidden costs.

If you’re considering a strategic project or perhaps expanding to new locations we can help, we can advise on the addition to your subscription or the required hourly rate.

iBKinetix Local Support

We believe in the power of technology to provoke positive change in our community and across the nation.  On that basis we offer a range of free resources for organisations to embrace the positive changes that technology can deliver to society.

Community Roots

iBKinetix supports local community facilities providing access to sports, health and wellbeing and mental health provision.  We actively partake in ensuring these important services have the facilities they need to flourish and support our community.

Ready to Turbocharge your IT?